Is Meditation for the Anxious?

Empty your mind.  Abandon your story.  Allow your thoughts to go by like leaves in a breeze.  Observe them as clouds floating by in the sky.  “Like flames destroying my home… Everyone I ever loved walking away from me, one by one.” With anxiety it can be scary to sit with one’s own mind. What ifContinue reading “Is Meditation for the Anxious?”

Opting Out of the Holidays

It’s okay to be less than excited about the holidays. The holidays may be harder because: I’m a people pleaser. I get caught up in what my friends and family expect of me. I shop compulsively and go into credit card debt this time of year. I tend to binge eat when stressed or whenContinue reading “Opting Out of the Holidays”

Keeping a Journal

Questions and Answers Q-“Why would I keep a journal? My life isn’t that interesting.”  A-Your life is probably more interesting than you think. (And I am not suggesting that it has to be published.) It’s for you and nobody else. Keeping a journal is a way to support yourself through all the racing thoughts andContinue reading “Keeping a Journal”

But What About the Holidays?

Despite the many anxieties they may be enduring, the women I work with tend to be extreme planners. They are the women who manage to organize and juggle the schedules of an entire family or multiple projects at work. You might feel like a mess, but you are running the world. Like everything else aboutContinue reading “But What About the Holidays?”