Online Therapy for Women in Chicago and Seattle

You may be a strong, successful, independent woman. Things look functional on the outside. All the while you may be dealing with things like this on inside.

  • Sleep issues: insomnia, over-sleeping, nightmares
  • Anxiety: excessive worrying about all that is going on and all that could go wrong
  • Addictive behaviors: distracting with being a workaholic, helping others who don’t want your help ( i.e. codependent smothering or trying to control or fix loved ones)
  • Relationship issues: conflict and arguments with partner, co-workers, friends and family members or pulling away from them and questioning your place in these relationships
  • Mood issues: feelings of sadness, loneliness or numbness


Therapy is best when it’s a collaboration. Based upon over 30 years working with thousands of women I have learned a lot about what works in therapy. If you’ve been in psychotherapy or counseling before you may have had a rather passive therapist. “How did that make you feel?” “Tell me more about that.” I am clearly interested in how you feel, but that’s not what counseling with me will be like.

We will collaborate as we work together. Online therapy can be one of the things that helps you make sustainable changes in your life. It’s about healing old wounds so you can move on with your life. It is clear to me that most women don’t acknowledge or see their own resilience. I help with that.

You are going to make all the decisions, but I will take an active part in this process and will give you ideas to try or reject.  I will assist you in setting realistic personal goals and then I will be around to help you be accountable to yourself to achieve them.

Some Common Issues

If you bring up trouble with procrastinating, we will explore how and why that is occurring. We might do a pros/cons list to determine what you gain from continuing to procrastinate that specific task. I may also just ask if you want to write that email or text or make that phone call right then during our online therapy session. I will be right here to deal with the anxiety as you follow through and then process how that turned out.

If you talk about communication problems in your relationship we might do a role play. I can give more specific feedback about other ways you could choose to approach your part. We might work together on a possible script of what you want to say. Then you can practice and see how that feels.

If you are dealing with a lot of stress we can talk about what is stressing you. We can talk about what boundaries you may decide to set. You may find yourself overwhelmed, full of anxiety and zoning out. I can teach you grounding techniques and we can practice right in session. We can try some breathing exercises and guided meditation/relaxation.

The work we do together in session is extremely valuable. What you are willing to do in between sessions is likely to increase those gains in leaps and bounds. I strongly encourage keeping a journal. If you want suggestions or prompts, I can give you those as well. To enhance our work, I will give you ideas for things you may want to read. (See page on Recommended Reading.)

The coping skills I am talking about are not mysteries. You may be well aware of what you could do, but just haven’t integrated these things into your life yet. Now is that time. 


 The duration of therapy is up to you. Some women might only need a handful of sessions to get their confidence back. Some women may just need to sort out a particularly tough time they are having. Others may want to do therapy for a year or so. Some women seek therapy for a while and then not for years. When life throws a few more curve balls they go back to counseling again.

“A change would do you good.”

Sheryl Crow
Proud Member of TherapyDen