Therapy for Women

Wise Woman Therapy is therapy specifically for women

Providing therapy for women has been my life’s work for over 30 years. I see you. You’re a strong, successful, independent woman and you’re seeking therapy.

Your life can still look good on the outside, but you have been hiding the pain for too long. You don’t have to go it alone. You may feel like a hot mess but there is a wise woman in there. I know there is. We can find her.

therapy for women provided by Deb Dettman

Therapy for women with mood issues

I work with lots of women suffering with a variety of mood issues: feelings of sadness, loneliness or numbness. Sometimes there is something very tangible impacting mood like the winter season or hormonal changes, whether it be menopause or something in a range from PMS to PMDD. Sometimes it’s a situation that is unresolved in your heart from months or years past. We can unpack these things and find the ways to rewrite the story to notice what good things you have and will have for your future.

Therapy for women with anxiety

Some of the most common mental health issues revolve around some form of anxiety: excessive worrying about all that is going on and all that could go wrong, physical reactions to things that trigger past trauma etc. I will direct you to some solid, safe coping strategies and check in on a regular basis as you figure out what helps.

Therapy for women with addictive behaviors

For over 25 years I worked in addiction treatment programs. Many of my clients are working on a wide variety of addictive behaviors: numbing with substances, distracting by being a workaholic, helping others who don’t want your help ( i.e. codependent smothering or trying to control or fix loved ones.) Your life can open up as you free yourself from these things. It takes hard work and willingness to accept help but recovery is totally possible.

Self-Help Community Resources

Therapy for women with relationship issues

Everyone comes to points in life when relationship issues are beyond what can be addressed with your own inner circle and therapy can be a game changer. You might be having conflict and arguments with a partner, co-workers, friends and family members or pulling away from them and questioning your place in these relationships. We can figure out what you can do to improve these relationships. It will probably involve looking at your own strengths and challenges regarding assertive communication and figuring out what you really want in your life.

Therapy for women with sleep issues

No matter what other issues women might have there may also be sleep issues: insomnia, over-sleeping, nightmares. I will provide some sleep hygiene suggestions and support you as you try them out over time. I also strongly recommend practices like journaling because it can become an amazing self-care practice.

Therapy is best when we collaborate

I’m excited to be able to see clients over telehealth and am licensed in Illinois and Washington State.

I’ve provided therapy for women for over 30 years now.

I have learned a lot about what works in therapy and what is not helpful.

If you’ve been in psychotherapy or counseling before you may have had a rather passive therapist.

She just kept saying, “How did that make you feel?” “Tell me more about that.”

I am very interested in how you feel, but that’s not what counseling with me will be like.

We will collaborate as we work together.

Therapy can help you make sustainable changes in your life.

It’s about healing old wounds so you can move on with your life. Most women don’t acknowledge or see their own resilience. I help with that.

You are going to make all the decisions, but I will take an active part in this process and will give you ideas to try or reject.  I will assist you in setting realistic personal goals and then I will be around to help you be accountable to yourself to achieve them.

To enhance our work, I will give you ideas for things you may want to read. (See page on Recommended Reading.)



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