Therapy for Women

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I’m Deb Dettman. I’ve been blessed to be able to provide therapy to thousands of brilliant and amazing women for over 30 years. I do what I do because my life was saved by a process of therapy, Al-Anon, fantastic women friends and my ongoing spiritual seeking.

You can be a strong and independent woman and despite your success you also feel completely overwhelmed inside. Therapy is a great decision if you want to stop treating yourself like a purely DIY project.

Your life can still look good on the outside, but you have been hiding the pain for too long. You don’t have to go it alone. You may feel like a hot mess and so you may not realize that there is a wise woman within. I know there is. We can find her.

If you’ve been in psychotherapy or counseling before you may have had a rather passive therapist. She just kept saying, “How did that make you feel?” or “Tell me more about that.”

How you feel is very important but I will have way more to say. I will be asking plenty of questions. There will be a lot of suggestions on coping strategies you can try. You will get to decide if you try any of it, but I will have ideas. I see my work as a combination of being a compassionate witness, a guide, a detective and a scientist. Together we will try to make sense of some things and set you on a more productive and useful path.

Therapy can help you make sustainable changes in your life.

Breaking self-defeating patterns that stem from old wounds is hard work. Our work comes down to finding that deep down you are a wise woman. You are going to find your own resilience. I will help with that.

I will assist you in setting realistic personal goals and then I will be around to help you be accountable to yourself to achieve them.

To enhance our work, I will give you ideas for things you may want to read. (See page on Recommended Reading.)