Who is the Wise Woman?


The short answer is that the Wise Woman is you, me and each and every woman. You are wise and just need to reach inside and cultivate your own wisdom.

The Wise Woman concept as used here comes from Marion Hutton-Schoen. She was the girl singer in the Glenn Miller Orchestra. She was also a woman who suffered from addiction. Marion found her own recovery and then went on to co-found two treatment centers specifically for women. One is still in operation today, New Directions for Women in Costa Mesa, California https://newdirectionsforwomen.org/ and the other was Residence XII, which was in Kirkland, Washington. I had the honor of working there for over 16 years.

Marion Hutton studied Jungian psychology and she adapted some of Jung’s concepts.

In this concept, an internal struggle persists between The Addict and The Wise Woman sides of ourselves. The Addict is ruled by impulses to seek immediate gratification and avoid possible pain. The Addict cannot think ahead to potential consequences. The Addict is mired in need, craving and compulsion. This is by definition what it is to be stuck in the cycle of addiction. This can apply to alcohol and drugs or any other addictive behavior like gambling, gaming, over-eating, shopping, codependency etc.  

If you’re reading this you are already in Wise Woman mode so go with it and pick a time for a free phone consultation.