Online Therapy

Why online therapy?

Online therapy takes away many external barriers. It’s convenient and 100% confidential. I can be in Chicago and you’re in St. Pete or Seattle and boom- we are in the same virtual space. Whenever anyone asked me what super power I wanted I always said to be in more than one place at a time! Well, here we are with telehealth.

My clients are busy women who are basically running the world. It is a common problem that you aren’t taking time to focus on your own needs. Having therapy from your home or office makes it easier. There’s no commute time. An internet connection and a confidential space is all you need. We use Google Meet, which is a HIPAA compliant platform.

The process is quite similar to the work I would do in person. Whether counseling is in person or online, I believe our work happens in the present moment. We will definitely talk about the past, but we will work with what is going on right now. I will help you build on your strengths and catch the self-defeating patterns you have accumulated. These are things you picked up in order to survive your life. We all have them. It is in our power to learn new ways to cope. I will offer suggestions and strategies you can try.


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